It is very difficult to find the worth of a car in terms of scrap. Scrap car body prices varies from $95 to $150 per ton or even more than this. Normally, it all depends on the global prices. When someone sell a scrap car to the junkyard, it is sold out on the basis of its weight. But what is the actual process of this entire activity, let’s read more on it.

Scrap Car Prices Fluctuation

Scrapping a Car

When someone want to sell out the car to the any company, they initially weight it. Then, the car is transferred to its actual destination. In this phase, it has some conditions, like if the car is sent on tow truck option it will cost the company more. After this the drop off step comes. So, overall once a car is calculated, then the amount is transferred to the owner. The company usually pay for it through cash or through a cheque.

History of Scrap Price

The prices of scrap cars are decreasing in the last two years. An average scrap car has 2,400 pounds of steel while an average truck has 3,000 pounds. It calculates 55 percent of total weight of the car. There is also 300 pounds of Aluminum in the car.

Scrap Car Prices

But, a Junker buy your car with the value of that scrap metal by ton. The scrap car prices depends on the demand. As Steel, Copper and Aluminum can be sold for cash to scrap metal dealers who sell these things to manufacturers. The manufactures recycle the material and use it into new cars, building materials, wires, smartphones and other items. So, the scrape car prices depends on the demand of manufacturing of these different items.

Supply and Demand

Demand for metal is low while the supply is high that is the reason prices are low. In February 2015, the price of steel decreases from $480 per ton to $50 in early 2016. Most scales are in kilograms or in pounds, but you are paid for your scrape cars weigh in tons.

Car Size Matters

In the market, the smallest cars weigh just over 2,000 pounds. A small car weight that is over 2,000 is hardly more than a one ton. It can be a car like Mitsubishi Mirage. At the same place, midsize car weigh is 3100 pounds that is approximately between one and two tons. While, larger cars weigh differently than small cars. A larger car weigh is just under 3,800 pounds that become approximately 1.9 tons. This car can be a 90’s Mercury Grand Marquis.

Cash For Scrap Cars

The price of a scrap car in ton continuously increasing and decreasing on daily or even hourly basis. A best price can be obtained per ton for an old car. You can get $95 per ton or as high as $150 per ton or more than it. So, there is no guarantee that the price will remain same or did not decrease when you get your car to junk yard.

When you sell your scrap car to a wrecker then they calculate their costs in scrapping and dumping. They deduct that value while doing car evaluation. That is the reason people get too much less money for their junk cars.