Our terms and conditions gives critical information about the rights and responsibilities of an individual who is visiting our website and dealing with us by selling his car.

By visiting this website and selling your car to us, you accept our terms and condition.

Car Sale

  • Due to new scrap metal laws in place by Victorian Government, we don’t pay cash for scrap or junk cars. Visit consumer affair website for more information. So, we transfer payment via electronic fund transfer EFT or Pay ID. So, you are required to share your bank details or Pay ID with us.
  • When you agree to sell your car with us, we are required to complete ownership transfer paperwork for the car. You need to provide any form of photo ID (e.g. driving license or passport).
  • We complete online paperwork on iPad or Tablet and you need to sign on it. You will get a copy of the transfer receipt.
  • In case you are helping our tow truck driver, you are fully responsible for your health and safety.
  • Seller must remove the number plates and return it to respective authority. We are not responsible for these plates once we collect and wreck the car.
  • You are required to remove all of your personal belongings and e-tag from the car before car pickup. Once the car is pickup and sold, we are not responsible for anything which is left in the car.
  • Once the paperwork is signed and payment is done, you are not the owner of the car anymore.
  • We only pickup complete vehicles.
  • Our tow truck drivers need clear access in front and rear of the car during car towing and pickup.
  • Notify us at least one hour before the cancellation of your car booking.
  • You need to contact and make an appointment with us in order to visit our shop.

Spare Parts

  • You are fully responsible for your health and safety during the visit of our shop.
  • We don’t offer warranty or guarantee on some parts.
  • Before buying second-hand parts, we only provide parts-only warranty.
  • We are not responsible for anything after you buy a part from us.

We fully reserve the right to add, change or remove any of these conditions. So, whenever you visit our website or deal with us regarding parts or selling the car, please carefully read these terms and condition.

We can share your details with law enforcement agencies regarding any car sale.